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Curating Excellence Through Quality Biologics

Revolutionizing Biologics

Crafting Surgical Success Through Meticulous Biologic Selection

At Leap Biologics, our commitment to quality and surgical success starts from the moment we select the products in our catalog.

The origin of Leap Biologics can be traced back to the shared frustrations of medical device specialists Allen Mason and Jonathan Knickerbocker. Frustrated by subpar biologics and their impact on surgical outcomes, they envisioned a different approach. Drawing from their combined 30+ years of expertise, they founded Leap Biologics in 2023 to change the biologics landscape for the better.

Leading the Way in Biologics

Advancing Possibilities

Our dedication to enhancing surgical outcomes goes beyond offering biologic products. Leap Biologics aims to be at the forefront of biologics advancements, curating a catalog that continuously evolves to include breakthrough solutions.

Founded by medical device experts, with decades of experience, our company was built to address the frustrations surgeons and distributors faced with subpar products. Today, we provide access to products that empower surgeons, enhance patient care, and pave the way for better outcomes.

Supply Chain Transparency and Trusted Partnerships

Beyond Products

We understand that exceptional surgical results aren’t just about the products; they’re about the entire experience. Leap Biologics stands apart with streamlined logistics, white glove service, and an unwavering commitment to supply chain transparency.

We offer more than a transaction – we offer a partnership built on trust. With decades of surgical experience, we comprehend the unique needs and frustrations surgeons face. This perspective drives us to provide unparalleled value, ensuring that each customer feels supported, understood, and equipped to excel.

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